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We're getting on with saving your vagina. You get OHNE with being a babe.

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100% organic tampons, delivered

Because we're calling bull on tampons made with pesticides and other junk being wrapped like harmless, delightful sweets (and we're pretty much done with heading out in our PJ's at 11pm to buy them, too).

OHNE, organic tampons and pads

When exactly were they going to tell us they think we're that superficial? Yes please - bleach my tampons! They must be pearly white! F-off. We're calling time on that one.


Why we're organic
OHNE, organic tampons and pads

We're women OHNE a mission to give the world a shake, one tampon at a time.

About our cause
OHNE, organic tampons and pads

Here's our no-nonsense pledge: always organic, straight to your door, ready when you need it. OHNE when you are.

How it works

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