Bloody Great News for Young People with Periods in Scotland

Sep 4, 2018 | All, Period, Wellness | 1 comment

Big bloody news, babes. Scotland has quite literally made history by becoming the first country to make free sanitary products available to all 395,000 of it’s students.

The conversation around period poverty has been rising to a crescendo in recent months, but a leap forward on such an enormous scale is utterly unprecedented. £5.2 million has been pledged to the initiative, which MPs hope will help to tackle period poverty in the young and keep girls and other students who have periods in school. No one should be missing school days on a monthly basis – or even dropping out entirely, in too many cases – because they don’t have the means to effectively, safely, and confidently manage their periods.

Hey Girls, the geniuses behind the anti-period poverty advert above,   is said to become one of the major providers of period products for the initiative. Like us here at OHNE, they’ve got a passion for all things organic and are absolutely against toxic ingredients going into anyone’s vagina. Let’s hope that all the schools and the students who will rely on this initiative get sanitary products that are safe, sustainable, and toxin-free.

We’re so bloody amazed that Scotland has pushed this through so suddenly. Yes, period poverty should be a thing of the past, but in a society that is still relatively new to even talking about periods in the public sphere, this is a pretty damn groundbreaking move. Let’s hope the rest of the UK, Europe, and the world follow suit soon.

Don’t go just yet! While we’ve got you here and (hopefully) fired up about period poverty and helping young girls get the educations they so deserve, we’d like to point you to some incredible organisations you can donate to.

Bloody Good Period: an initiative dedicated to distributing sanitary products to people living in poverty. They supply to fifteen asylum seeker drops in both Leeds and London and have plans to expand soon.

School Club Zambia: If you’re an OHNE customer, you’re already donating to SCZ whether you realise it or not! Our partner organisation in Zambia has a girls programme specifically dedicated to improving menstruation for the rural Zambian school kids who desperately need it. They’re keeping girls in school and ending the shame and stigma attached to periods by putting clean toilet blocks in every school, teaching the students how to make their own reusable sanitary pads, and educating all school children (not just those who menstruate) about menstruation. You can read more about the work they do, how we support them, and how you can donate even more, should you wish to, here.

Find your local food bank and donate pads, tampons, liners, cups – anything! Many homeless women rely entirely on donations to food banks such as the Trussell Trust to access the products they need to manage their periods, yet many people who donate to food banks have no idea that these products are needed just as much as food donations.

Every Month: another incredible organisation providing period products to those who need them via their ‘period packs’ (which also contain a cheeky chocolate, because everyone deserves a little piece of comfort when they’re on their period).

If you can’t afford to donate, why not share links and info on social media to spread the word to those who might be able to – you never know who you could be helping.

Image credit: @thehealthyhomegirls


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