Canna-what? CBD is 100% Legal – But We Know Why You Might Be Confused

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While the majority of cannabinoids are still listed as controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (THC being the most famous of these), CBD is an exception. The seemingly grey areas of the law around CBD and other cannabinoids (as well as the overwhelming number of words associated with the cannabis sativa plant containing the prefix ‘canna-’) can lead to a lot of confusion and misconception about CBD. However, let us state it very clearly now: OHNE’s Anti-Teardrops 1% CBD Oil is completely legal in the UK. So why all the confusion?

Let’s talk pot

Cannabis (weed, dope, marijuana, pot, grass, etc) has been illegal in the UK since 1928. The UK government currently does not have any plans for legalising the use of cannabis or other cannabinoids for recreational use. Various forms of cannabis are sometimes legal in certain lab and medical circumstances, but that’s a spaghetti nightmare of legal grey-area that isn’t specifically relevant to CBD products which are in compliance with local requirements. As far as you and I and that shady-looking dude in the hoodie on the corner need to know: cannabis is illegal. But, to reiterate, CBD is not ‘pot’. It’s a cannabinoid which is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant, and it’s legal in the UK. Is your head spinning yet?

So CBD isn’t weed?

Nope. People sometimes get their knickers in a twist over CBD oil because they are confusing it with cannabis oil, which, just like joints or hash brownies, does normally contain high levels of THC (the bit from cannabis sativa that gets you high). I’ll repeat for the people in the back: these things are illegal.

For a CBD oil to be legal in the UK it must have levels of THC no higher than 0.2%. Read: basically nothing and near impossible to get a high off – sorry, gotta get your kicks somewhere else if that’s what you’re after. CBD oil must also have more than 15% CBD and the traces of THC must not be easily separated from it (a CBD product found to have high levels of psychoactive substances found in cannabis would be classed as a drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971).

Is CBD Medicine?

Some of it is, but the vast majority of the CBD products you’ll come across aren’t.

As of November 2018, CBD is now officially classed as a medicine in the UK, providing it meets a strict set of ‘safety, quality, and efficiency standards’. It is important to note here, however, that currently the only two approved medicines containing CBD are Sativex and Epidolex. They are prescribed by doctors for cancer pain or multiple sclerosis and childhood epilepsy, respectively, and you won’t be able to just stroll into your local Superdrug and buy them. Which means…

CBD oils made and distributed by wellness and beauty brands (such as Holland and Barrett, Boots, and OHNE) are not medicines. That’s why we’ll never tell you to use our Anti-Teardops 1% CBD Oil to treat or cure any condition or disease. We use it as part of our wellness routine and think the effects we feel on our period pain are worth shouting about – we’ll never give you medical advice, babe.

Fun Fact Time

Queen Victoria was administered cannabis to treat her period pain. We’re willing to bet Queen Vic didn’t hate the high (blaze it, your highness…) but it might’ve been easier to run a country had she been able to access the pain-relieving effects minus the THC-induced high. Something like, say, the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil?! Hey, if it’s good enough for royalty…

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