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This is your opportunity to join our young and passionate team as the word genius and literary creative mastermind behind OHNE. 

Position: Creative Writer (Copywriter with elements of journalism)
Salary – Competitive dependent on experience
Location – Remote
Employees – 6 – 10
Company Language – English

Who are we?

Leah and Nikki, OHNE founders (despite our friendship going way back) came together in 2017 on a mission to shake up the menstrual health industry. OHNE was born out of a passion for women’s health, an anger at the inequality and irony that sees women in the UK being sold unlabelled, pesticide sprayed products while women in many parts of the world can’t access any at all; a drive to make a real change to period stigma, and the simple conclusion that we are all in this together. We thought that was a recipe for something good. 2018; welcome to OHNE.

Whilst our HQ and core team are UK based, the team spreads from Australia, through the Philippines, Indonesia, to Denmark, Portugal and right back to London. Despite this, we all have things in common; we’re young, passionate and incredibly motivated and we all relate to our customers real, monthly experiences. Period.

We’re pretty bold, daring and not afraid to speak about the ‘unspoken’ and we know that’s not for everyone. If you want to push some boundaries with us, keep reading!

What’s the work like?

To name a few:

You’ll be leading our online content. You’ll be involved with planning the content themes and then it’ll be up to you to decide what you want to write about. We want you to explore, learn and create – whether that be writing about something you’re already passionate about, trying out the latest period/vagina trend and reviewing it or interviewing game changing women, it’s your shout.

You’ll be heading up our social media and email voice, working closely with our marketing team and ensuring that OHNE continues to break some boundaries.

You’ll be putting your touch on all new products and making sure all content is OHNE branded.
Where will I work?

That’s your shout. Our founders work in a variety of locations; London frequently (location varies – we’re big fans of co-working spaces), Somerset (where our fulfilment is) occasionally and abroad every now and again. You can take your pick.

You can also choose your hours. We’re big believers that passion should drive careers and we’re not big fans of sitting in offices thumb twiddling until the clock reaches home time. It’s your life and we’re not going to rule your hours. Expect to be working full time hours and as long as you’re always meeting deadlines with an exceptional quality of work and going above and beyond what’s required, then you choose your own work life and hours.

What does our relationship look like?

You. Our teammates have the following traits:

They are passionate and authentic in pushing for menstrual health change
They communicate with one another frequently (and have fun whilst doing so!)
They notice the things that we don’t and correct us when we’ve missed something
They aren’t afraid to speak out
They constantly bring new ideas to the table
They self manage and not afraid to put the extra hours/ effort in to do amazing things.

Us. We are focused on the following:

Making authentically driven change in the menstrual health industry
Giving our team the autonomy to make decisions and lead their own work life
Holding individuals accountable for their targets, deadlines and decisions
Providing education and resources to allow our team to be the best they can be
Providing support. We’ll always have your back
Never getting complacent. Times change rapidly and we’re here to be ahead of the change.
Some additional points:

The start date can be flexible for the right person but you’ll be working remotely for the first couple of months. There’s a lot happening over the next quarter and as such, the role will be remote for the time being. The use of online platforms with constant communication means that we’re always aligned regardless of where the team are spread. We’ll schedule as many meet-ups as possible during your initial phase and are happy for you to become a member of your closest co-working space if desired. (We’re also in talks about a team ‘working holiday’ this summer – a chance for us to all work together in the sunshine somewhere. TBC!)

We need you to be all in. We’re looking for someone who is as passionate as us, who goes the extra mile and wants to create a permanent and valuable position for themselves in our team and become part of the OHNE family.

 It’s going to be hard work; it’s the nature of start-ups. It’s going to take some serious brain power and a lot of creativity but it’s also going to be really bloody fun!
Still interested? What skills/requirements are we looking for?

You’ve created something. We don’t care what it is: a business, a blog, a campaign, fundraiser or a huge Instagram account… We want to see that you’re passionate and proactive. Seeing projects that you’ve worked on helps us to gauge that.

You get things done. Whilst we will be there to help guide you and integrate you into our team, we don’t want to be constantly micromanaging you. This role in time will offer you a lot of freedom, but will require you to be proactive in starting a job and finishing it.

You spot opportunities. Everyone sees the world differently and opportunities that may seem glaringly obvious to one person may fly over another person’s head. We miss opportunities all the time and we want you to be on the lookout for the things we’re missing.

You understand the power of connections. You’re not afraid to reach out to people to offer help, ask for help or connect.

You share our values. Whilst we won’t always agree on everything, we do want the right person for the job to share our values.

You understand our market. Most of our team are in our target demographic which allows us to authentically relate to our customers. We’re not saying that you have to ditch your mooncup and go back to tampons, but we are saying that we want someone who is on top of trends, in the right London scenes, has an insight into what’s hot and of course, can relate to the experiences of our customers. 

You’re not afraid to speak up. We want someone who can bring new ideas to the table. These are the things that help us grow. Whilst we can’t promise that they’ll be implemented every time, they will always be listened to and seriously considered.  
Sound like you’d fit perfectly in the OHNE family?

How do I apply?

Send an email to co-founder Leah at with a catchy subject line. 
She needs:

1.  A convincing persuasion (ideally in informal language/ OHNE voice tones) of why you’d be perfect for the OHNE team.
2.  A description (and link if relevant) of the thing that you’ve created that you’re most proud of.
3. Two examples of your favourite pieces of writing.
4. A video! Ideally 2 – 4 minutes long – we want to know a little more about you! Tell us who you are, where you’re based, what you dig and why you love to be creative. Add to YouTube, set it as “unlisted” so that nobody else has access to it and send us the link in your application. (We know making videos for job applications can be pretty horrendous, so we’ll never judge that glass of wine that the camera catches a glimpse of!)

Application deadline May 20th.

We can’t wait to be OHNE with you.

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