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This is not a drill: we’re hiring.

We’re after a creative, trend-spotting, passionate OHNE babe to become our Head of B2B Sales and Partnerships. We’re not really into doing things how you’re “supposed” to, so expect the role to be highly creative, super social, and ever-changing. See below for the job description and the nitty-gritty details re: what we’re looking for in our latest team addition, but keep in mind that, above all else, what we’re really looking for is someone who’s as passionate as we are about periods, smashing taboos, and trailblazing, female-run businesses. 

Position: Head of B2B Sales and Partnerships 

Salary:  Competitive dependent on experience
Location: London, UK
Employees: 6 – 10
Company Language: English

This is your opportunity to join our young and passionate team as Head of B2B Sales and Partnerships at OHNE.

Who are we?

We’re Leah and Nikki, OHNE founders and best friends since our university days, and we decided that people who bleed deserved a period product brand created by women, for women – so we created it ourselves. 

OHNE was born in 2018 from a passion for women’s health, a desire to make a real change to period stigma, and an anger at the inequality and irony that sees women in the UK being sold unlabelled, pesticide sprayed products while women in many parts of the world don’t have access to period products at all. We make 100% organic, biodegradable period products available on bespoke subscription and are the creators of the UK’s first pro-period CBD oil, Anti-Teardrops 1% CBD Oil. We pride ourselves on being a knowledge platform and community as well as a subscription service and consider our bold, unapologetic branding to be an invaluable part of what we do in de-stigmatising periods.

Since our launch, both our team and our community of customers and followers has been growing rapidly. We’re now looking for the next member of the OHNE family to head up B2B sales and partnerships.

What’s the work like?

You’ll manage your department. You’ll head up B2B sales and partnerships; it will be your responsibility to plan budgets, set forecasts, and ensure all goals and targets are nailed. You’ll still work closely with us and we’ll be there to guide your understanding of the OHNE brand, but we’re really looking for someone who can outdo our expertise in this area.

You’ll be heading up our partnerships. You’ll seek out aligned brands and establishments and create long standing relationships with them, helping to increase OHNE brand awareness, driving revenue, and establishing OHNE as a leading brand in the industry. 

You’ll be getting creative. We think that everyone deserves the right to products that don’t harm their bodies, and we think that goes beyond single customers. We want to see organic tampons everywhere we look, in every office, venue and gym. We’re looking for someone who is as creative as they are strategic, able to think outside the box, willing to try new things, and eager to see the brand grown in exciting and unexpected ways. We want you to have fun with the partnerships you make.

Where will I work?

We work differently, ensuring that work and life are equally enjoyable. You’ll be primarily based in London, however, we’re flexible with regard to location, meaning you can work from both your home office and abroad (e.g. if you’re craving some vitamin D and want to escape to a sunnier spot for a few days, we’re fine with your temporary office being in a location of your choice!) As long as you’re loving being a team player, your communication is flawless, and you’re nailing your job, we trust you to create your own schedule and determine how you work best.

Some additional points:

We need you to be all in. We’re looking for someone who is as passionate as us, who goes the extra mile and wants to create a permanent and valuable position for themselves within our small team.

It’s going to be hard work; it’s the nature of start-ups. It’s going to take some serious brain power and a lot of creativity but it’s also going to be really bloody fun!

Still interested? What skills/requirements are we looking for?

You’ve got experience in B2B sales. We want someone who’s done this before and knows the ropes inside out. 

You spot opportunities. Everyone sees the world differently and opportunities that may seem glaringly obvious to one person may fly over another person’s head. We’re looking for someone whose experience and outlook enables them to spot the opportunities and come up with the ideas that we might otherwise miss out on. Likewise, we consider everything we do to be a team effort, so we’ll be there to make suggestions and guide you in return.

You understand the power of connections. You value professional relationships and you’re not afraid to reach out to people to offer help, ask for help, or forge new connections

You share our values. Whilst we won’t always agree on everything, we do want the right person for the job to share OHNE’s core values. You’re passionate about menstrual health, breaking down taboos, and fighting period inequality. You also know your stuff when it comes to female-run, independent businesses

You understand our market. Most of our team are in our target demographic, allowing us to authentically relate to our customers. We’re looking for someone who is on top of trends, knows who are customers are, what they’re into, and how OHNE can reach them best. We’re not saying that you have to ditch your menstrual cup and go back to tampons, but we do want someone who is on board with our mission, passionate about the brand, and able to get inside the mind of our customers.

You’re not afraid to speak up. We want someone who can bring new ideas to the table. These are the things that help us grow. Whilst we can’t promise that they’ll be implemented every time, they will always be listened to and seriously considered.

You get things done. Enough said.
Sound like you’d fit perfectly in the OHNE family?

How do I apply?

Send an email to co-founder Leah at leah@ohne.co with a catchy subject line and include the following…

1. Where would you want to see OHNE stocked? (Tip: We avoid retail, so think B2B and get creative.) Send us 3 places you’d like to see organic tampons. We like people who can think outside the box. 

2. A video. Sell us. Sell yourself. We want to know why you’re the one that should lead our sales and partnerships. Add your 2-3 minute video to YouTube, set it as “unlisted” so that nobody else has access to it, and attach the link to your application. (We know making videos for job applications can be pretty horrendous, so we’ll never judge you for the glass of wine in the background or some unavoidable background noise! We’re not hiring a videographer, so just have fun with it.)

Application deadline: July 16th.


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