OHNE, organic tampons

Applicator Tampons.

100% Organic cotton tampon with cardboard applicator.

100% Organic Cotton with cardboard applicator. And (literally) nothing else.

  • Superior leak protection
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Unscented
  • Biodegradable

Choose from a range of absorbencies: Regular, Super, Super Plus, or a mix of everything to get you right through your period.

355 hours in a lifetime shopping for period products? We think not. You’re on - we’re OHNE it.

Free standard delivery, through your letterbox, as often or as little as you need us (but guaranteed before your period). Whether you’re on like clockwork, or your period seriously has a mind of its own, simply let us know when you think you’re next expecting it - we’ll take it from there. Adjust, pause or cancel any time.

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Check me out babe.

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From: £6.40 VAT on tampons is ridiculous. we absorb this babe. (CBD is at a standard 20% and is already included in the price!) every 4 weeks

100% organic cotton with cardboard applicator. and (literally) nothing else.

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