‘Dad, I’d rather the ground swallowed me up.’

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‘Dad, I’d rather the ground swallowed me up.’

Here at OHNE, we’re always up for a bit of taboo bustin’ – whether that’s in the form of throwing our beautiful tampons across the office to whoever needs them, telling the big brands to F off and stop calling pads ‘feminine hygiene products’, or sharing our favourite period related stories in the company of people that will probably feel uncomfortable hearing them (because c’mon, a good period story needs to be heard right?!).

In honour of Father’s Day, we’re celebrating our non-menstruators actions. To Dads (and non-menstruating role models) who have the balls to give us our ‘first period’ talk whilst winging the facts they didn’t really know, who have bought us period products whilst not knowing the difference between non-app and applicator tampons, who tried to play it cool whilst the topic of menstruation comes up at the dinner table and have tried so damn hard to never utter the words “are you PMS-ing?” when we snapped at you for no apparent reason. We appreciate you, you period loving and appreciating humans. Dad, thanks for always trying your best…

“I once sent my dad to the shop to buy some pads – the ones with the wings. An hour or so later, he came back with adult nappies.” – Cara

“At the tender age of 12 where I thought my dad was the most embarrassing man in the world and I was easily mortified, I nervously asked him to remind me that I had to get sanitary towels when we were doing the weekly food shop. We got to the checkout in a huge superstore in a busy part of london, where my dad suddenly yelled, “oooo sanitary towels!!” To which I went beetroot, hung my head, walked slowly to the aisle and grabbed what I needed.” – Mimi

“I started my period in a McDonalds when I was with my dad with nothing on me and he took me to a supermarket and sorted me right out and even gave me a book on how to use tampons! he is the best!” – Ruth

“I once asked my dad to pick me up a box of tampons on the way home (I was in the middle of exams and couldn’t leave my desk…) and he decided to FaceTime from the sanitary aisle and go through every option going, on loud speaker…”  – Natasha

“I started my period when I was 13 and luckily, through my slightly older sisters experiences, I knew what a period what. Despite this I was still feeling super awkward and with a bowed head I whispered about my new period to Mum. Dad was out shopping at the time so, without telling me, she called Dad and asked him to buy me pads. An hour later he came home, beaming with smiles and presented me with a huge parcel of pads and tampons before congratulating me on my womanhood in front of the rest of the family. The ground swallowing me up at that moment would of been ideal.”  – Megan

And when OHNE comes through the letterbox…

“Presented the OHNE box to my dad.
“Would you like a chocolate? They’re posh.”
“YES. What a nice box. Where did you get these posh chocolates.”
[Father seizes box of tampons. Assumes they are chocolate cigars. Excitement mounts.]
“Ahahaha they’re not chocolates sorry.”- Leaf

To the Dad’s embracing periods, we might of felt embarrassed (or possibly mortified) at the time but that wasn’t your fault. We might have wanted the ground to swallow us up, but that was on us, on society and on the taboo, not on you. Despite menstrual health education for boys barely existing (especially when you were at school, let’s be honest), you pulled out the stops, swallowed your discomfort, asked Amy from work why tampons are different sizes (and realised that no, it’s not because there are different sized vaginas) and recognised how important it is to get non-menstruators involved in the conversation. Without you (and all non-menstruators), it’s a one sided discussion that ain’t gonna ever break down the barriers to more open conversations about women’s health.

Dads, thanks for taboo bustin’ with us. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

(Got a great ‘Dad and my period’ story? Send them our way – we’ll be featuring them this Father’s Day.)  

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