So, how does it work?

We’re 21st century women. You’re a busy gal. Why spend 355 hours of your life (yup, that’s a real statistic) buying period products? Here’s how easy it is when you leave it to us…


Let’s make it yours…

We’re all different, so we’ve got your back (and your underwear) whatever your cycle. Choose from a range of organic tampons in multiple absorbencies, applicator or not, in a quantity that suits your needs. (And if next month you want something a little different, you got it gal)



It’s about time things worked around you, and because our bodies aren’t always like clockwork, and we’re all on a different watch anyway, just let us know how often you need us (we’re not clingy).



We’re in the business of being ready when you’re on, so relax Babe – we’ll have you covered. But only you really know your period (and sometimes even the closest relationships throw up surprises), so if things get a bit irregular, or you ordered way too many tampons last month, or you’d just like something else, then let us know. Adjust, skip or deactivate at any time.


Join the gang

Girl, you’re one of the gang now, and we think we’ll get OHNE like a house (of babes) on fire.  We want to know what you think about real stuff, so tell it like it is, and if we’ve learned a cool thing or two we’ll share those with you.The best conversations happen between friends, so let’s get to know each other. We’ll be waiting for you here… 


Say no more?

No commitments, just cotton… simple every way you look at it.


🌹 Babes getting #OHNEit!

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