bleed easy, babe.

the products you need to manage your cycle, however you want, whenever you need.

but simple.

what do you want?

you pick the tampon type, number, and mix ‘n’ match absorbencies.

when do you want it?

choose how often you want ‘em delivered.

no strings attached.

edit your kit, skip a delivery, or deactivate whenever.

you’re dope,
period pain isnt.

meet anti teardrops, the uk’s first pro-period CBD oil.

1% broad-spectrum CBD oil for all your cramp-soothing, uterus-wooing needs. we’ll get ohne with soothing your cramps so you can get ohne with being a babe. read our CBD faqs here.

the best a
vagina can get.

ohne tampons are made with vaginas in mind. Because no nasty toxins should be getting up close and personal with the thinnest, most absorbent skin on your body. 

totally natural, unscented, unbleached tampons

superior leak protection

available in regular, super, and super+

protective sleeve to prevent shedding.

no toxins. period.

working to
unf*ck the planet.

ohne is certified by both Soil Association and GOTS. We’re animal lover-friendly and as good for the planet as we are for your body.

100% certified organic cotton

vegan and cruelty free

100% biodegradable tampons

recyclable cardboard applicators

tampons made using hydroelectricity

all plastic packaging is recycled and recyclable

where the babes are.

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