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You’ve found us, that makes you familiar with periods. Welcome, you 21st century human with a 21st century vagina. We’re OHNE.

Your period, your shout.

Serious love-hate relationship with your period? Or maybe just hate-hate… or perhaps a lotta’ love and respect for that stuff? Your body: your say. No judgement here – we’re not going to hijack your voice by imposing our own.

We’ve had enough of that.

Hell, what is the deal with those gals twirling-through-a-waist-high-flower-meadow-in-a-white-cotton-dress on the adverts? Nope, we’ve had enough of that… unless of course, you want to go twirling, Babe, then we’re all for it.

Not your average period product.

We’ve had our fill of rayon and bleached polyester – yes we’re talking about you, Mainstream Tampons. We’re toxin free, so your vagina won’t be exposed to any nasties. Because the simple fact is it’s your vagina. You’re the boss of what goes in it… So let’s get a little fierce, let’s get OHNE.

But you know what really makes us see red?

There are still young women today who have no idea what’s happening to them when their period first appears, let alone have access to period products. We’re going to change some of that, starting with providing school girls in Zambia health and menstrual education so they’re prepared; the instruction, tools and materials with which to make reusable sanitary pads, and building new, hygienic toilet blocks.

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21st Century Women demanding 21st Century Tampons.

Meet Leah and Nikki, founders of OHNE.

(As told by Nikki)

Leah and I met on the first day of university. I convinced her to stop straightening her hair, and we’ve been friends ever since (curls get the girls, right?).

She’s the most optimistic person I know. Combine this with her confidence and you might just appreciate why, despite her never preparing for it, she genuinely expects organic tampons to fall from the sky whenever her period decides to show up.

My top tip for befriending Leah involves handing her a glass of organic prosecco (yes, her love for all things organic really does go embarrassingly far). Oh, and ask her to say the word sashimi. She can’t, and it’s funny every single time.

For a little person, she also has the loudest footsteps known to man. I call this her troll stomping. This means we make an entrance wherever we go, and I have to admit I kinda like it.

(As told by Leah)

Nikki’s all time favourite thing to do is to get down to African tunes. Witnessing this (pretty much as soon as we met) confirmed to me that she was an absolute babe.

Before we met, Nikki honestly had no idea what tampons were made of. In fact, I’m pretty sure she thought they were compacted cotton wool. (I guess you can hardly blame her given the damn boxes don’t have ingredient lists on). But she did know a lot about women’s rights, especially when it came to sex and health. She knows a lot about tampons now…probably too much.

You can tell when Nikki is working too hard because she stops speaking real words. (But it doesn’t stop her staying up late attempting to learn to code.)

Nikki prides herself on how fast she can type and how she rode an ostrich when she was little (apparently that’s a thing when you grow up in Africa).

OHNE was born out of a passion for women’s health, an anger at the inequality and irony that sees women in the UK being sold unlabelled, pesticide sprayed products while women in many parts of the world can’t access any at all; a drive to make a real change to period stigma, and the simple conclusion that we are all in this together. We think that’s a recipe for something good… and we’ll never have too many cooks, so join us. Help us get OHNE.

🌹 Babes getting #OHNEit!

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