Why organic?

Babe, the skin of your the vulva is the thinnest and most delicate in your body. And you’ll use around 10,800 pads and tampons next to it in your lifetime. That’s about as serious as a product relationship gets.

But do you know what you’re rubbing up against? Nope? We didn’t at first either – and trust us, it’s not you, it’s got a hell of a lot to do with the fact that there are no requirements for period products to disclose their ingredients, not one. So they just don’t. Which means that the standards for labeling hamster food are stricter. Honestly.

It’s not pretty.

And by not pretty we’re talking synthetic fabrics linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome made possible (and pearly white!) by chlorine bleach and chemical additives, from crops sprayed with herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. And that’s not all. You wouldn’t put any of that crap in your mouth, right, Babe? So let’s be kind to our lady bits and keep those nasty rocket launchers the hell away from our vaginas.

100% Organic Cotton.

At OHNE, our tampons are 100% Organic cotton. And we print it on our boxes because we’re proud; and you have a right to know, and, heck, we’re not short of room, seeing as there’s only one ingredient an’ all…

Let’s get a little fierce…

Our vaginas say no to pesticide-ridden synthetic tampons. (Well, “Bloody Hell No!” to be exact). What does yours say?

In it together, OHNE it together.

Click here to learn more about why it’s great for you, for women the world over, and for the actual world, when you decide to say ‘hell no’ to anything but organic cotton too….

Say no more?

No commitments, just cotton… simple every way you look at it.


🌹 Babes getting #OHNEit!

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